Where Are The First-Time Buyers? (pt 2)


Last issue we discussed how the first-time homebuyer market is being impacted by student debt, the rise of “singledom” and postponement of household formation. In this issue we continue and examine additional factors: Supply/Demand. With fewer first-time buyers there are fewer starter homes for purchase, and less choice. Holding 1st Home Longer Meanwhile, long-term trends

Where Are The First-Time Buyers?


As the housing market heats up there is an absence of a critical demographic. Young first-time buyers. Young would-be home buyers are still sitting on the sidelines of America’s housing market, with first-time homebuyers representing a decades-low share. Student loans, high prices and low credit scores have all been blamed for this, but Bank of

What is Proposition 13?

Prop13Flyer Preview

Many people see the value of Proposition 13 when they have owned their homes for quite some time. Before Proposition 13 was passed, the average property tax rate in California was three percent of assessed value, and there was no limit on annual increases. People were losing their homes in the late 1970s because if

Jobs Report Muddies The Economic Waters


A surprisingly bleak May jobs report has suddenly muddied the outlook for the U.S. economy. Employers added a paltry 38,000 jobs in May – the fewest since 2010 and far less than anticipated. Furthermore, the government cut its hiring estimate for March and April by a combined 59,000. “We had been expecting a June rate

The Value of a Third Party Closing Company

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After homebuyers are approved to purchase property, they must make many decisions during the closing process. One of the most important decisions is who will handle the financial aspects of the transaction. The third party that is assigned to the task will have to properly allocate costs and cash proceeds to the parties involved. The

June 2016 Calendar of Events – San Diego


Lots going on in San Diego during the month of June! Check out Ticor Title & Escrow of San Diego’s Calendar of Events for June 2016. Full calendar available, click here! 6/2/2016 – 6/5/2016 San Diego Padres vs Seattle Mariners Petco Stadium 6/3/2016 – 6/12/2016 25 and Under Art Contest Showcase 11 Kettner Blvd at

Single Family Residence, Planned Urban Development, or Condo?

SFR PUD CONDO Preview Image

It looks like a Single Family Residence. The Appraisal shows it as a PUD and the Preliminary Title Report shows it as a Condominium. Which is it really and what is the difference? Let us explain! A Single Family Residence (SFR) is a single, freestanding, detached residential dwelling structure built on a single parcel of