Ticor Title’s 2017 Rescission Calendar


Ticor Title is happy to present our 2017 Rescission Calendar. Use Ticor’s Rescission Calendar as a quick reference as to the days a buyer has to rescind. Questions? Contact your Ticor Title Sales Executive! Click on the calendar above for a full high-resolution version. For immediate service, contact our Premier Customer Service Team.

Understanding Ticor’s 2016-2017 Trid Wheel


THREE PRIMARY PURPOSES OF THE TRID WHEEL: 1. The TRID Wheel instantly determines earliest Consummation Date; 2. The TRID Wheel can also be used as an instant tool to estimate required closing days by working backwards on the wheel, thus allowing the REALTORS® to write a more realistic contract for their clients; 3. One can

Ticor Title – Ticor Talk


Ticor Title is proud to share our first online news and information platform, “Ticor Talk.” In keeping our clients and associates educated on the changes taking place on a regular basis in the Title Industry, we’ve created a platform that you can check back on for monthly industry updates, news and events. Our first issue

Ticor Title – October 2016 San Diego Calendar of Events


Check out Ticor Title’s October 2016 Calendar of Events for local events taking place around San Diego this month! Lots of great things going on in October, from wine tasting to pumpkin carving! Get on out there and enjoy your city San Diego! Please feel free to contact your Ticor Title Sales Executive if you’d

Ticor Agent Languages – New Feature!


Brand new feature for Ticor Agent! With the click of a button, you will be able to translate estimates to your clients in 11 different languages. Simply choose your custom report and tap on the Languages icon to select your client’s preferred translation. Download Real Estate’s #1 Closing Cost App at www.ticoragent.com Contact your Ticor

What Contributions Does Freddie Mac Make To Housing?


Here are some recent statistics on Freddie Mac’s contributions to housing, as outlined by Economic Focus: Freddie Mac has returned $99.1 Billion* in dividends to the U.S. taxpayers, exceeding the amount we received from the U.S. Treasury by $27.8 Billion. 98.9% of the single-family loans in our book of business are current. (*Includes Sept. 2016

CFPB Announces Online Filing Option Under Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act


The CFPB has amended Regulations J and L to permit online filing under ILSA. According to the CFPB, “the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act requires certain land developers to register their subdivisions and provide disclosures about the lots being offered, to protect consumers from deception or abuse.” This generally requires a developer of a